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Welcome to Willow’s Rabbitry!

We are located in Southern Finland in the coastal city of Espoo, just minutes from the capital Helsinki. 
We breed Holland lops exclusively and take pride in producing quality instead of quantity in our heard. 
We have started with the best lines available to us from the USA, the UK and the Netherlands as well
as top Scandinavian lines. We are constantly striving to breed competitive and balanced rabbits 
in the highest quality possible. In addition to the more common colors, you can also find rare colored 
Holland lops like chocolates and lilacs being born here at Willow’s

Rabbits are very much a family affair and our 4 children actively take part in the daily routines around 
the rabbitry. Our Hollands are also treasured pets and bred foremost for their enjoyable personality 
and good health, only then show quality. Rabbits born at Willow’s are used to being handled and get
accustomed to household sounds from a very early age.

If you are interested in getting a rabbit from us, please feel free to call or e-mail us in Finnish, English or Swedish.

Hope you enjoy our site!

For more information please contact :

Dita Hiillos
Iirislahdentie 27 D
02230 Espoo - FINLAND

to call + 358 (0)40 510 7405

to e-mail use dita.hiillos @
or dita @ (remove gaps)

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